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Welcome to OS-War Runescape Private Server

OS-War is a very fun, innovative runescape private server for not only you, but also your friends to enjoy. If you wish to play this rsps, then you may simply click the download button under. If you wish to stay up to date with the latest client, you may download the launcher.
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  • Welcome to OS-War, I hope you enjoy your stay!
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Hello, i'm known as kuchee or anti dvote. I was really known for my iron man and dicing, i was in the top 3 iron man list for a while, dicing wise i had 2 h'ween sets and 1 phat set that included the elusive sky blue party hat along with an ahrim and hell hound pet that was the first of its kind. I actually started over at saluscape and have been playing since, i lost interest in salus after the whole community turned toxic basically and then it started dying. Os war seems to have caught my attention so i hope to see you all grinding and enjoying your time playing !


this was an event i held which was kinda fun

this was my bank video once i hit comp cape

then this was when i won the sky blue phat, the pot was something ridiculous like 4 drygore sets 2 phat sets 2 ween sets 10b cash and other items kinda annoyed that i stopped recording before i got the pot but i think i do have it still somewhere


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