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Welcome to OS-War Runescape Private Server

OS-War is a very fun, innovative runescape private server for not only you, but also your friends to enjoy. If you wish to play this rsps, then you may simply click the download button under. If you wish to stay up to date with the latest client, you may download the launcher.
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  • Welcome to OS-War, I hope you enjoy your stay!
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Barrage hits 52's (aka why people in max can kill anyone incredibly easily)

Can't exist GWD room when being attacked by a dmm player (can't tele or exit the room at all)

ACB hits WAY too fast (as fast as MSB)

These things are ruining the game for DMM players, also the feed on the website that displays loots such as "Pimpit has recieved 'x' from 'y' " ruins the entire point of searching for players. There is no point playing when Cheat death has max gear and the knowledge to abuse these things and the feed lets him know exactly where players are and when. Please disable this feed, at least for DMM.

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