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Welcome to OS-War Runescape Private Server

OS-War is a very fun, innovative runescape private server for not only you, but also your friends to enjoy. If you wish to play this rsps, then you may simply click the download button under. If you wish to stay up to date with the latest client, you may download the launcher.
Download now (.JAR) launcher Download now (.JAR) client
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  • Welcome to OS-War, I hope you enjoy your stay!
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Mystery Box Rewards

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Common Table
ihY5Zwm.pngx2000 Coal CoSHeOv.pngx5000 Bow string t0w457j.pngx1000 Anglerfish RRNmDJ1.pngx500 Karambwans XgkCq1c.pngx2000 Dark crab vgkUeel.pngRanger boots YREY2fX.pngx100 Blood money BKXWyI8.pngx50 Vote tickets nbTR3Li.pngx100 Super potion set iBDTmGN.pngMysterious emblem 7 kH2KBSD.pngRing of wealth EbWWrTE.pngBandos godsword ornament kit 2PItAM6.pngArmadyl godsword ornament kit nVGejT4.pngZamorak godsword ornament kit kuDt9n7.pngSaradomin godsword ornament kit yy6i6Qa.pngRoyal gown top XF5ACIZ.pngRoyal gown bottom


Uncommon Table
xtAtUD8.pngRubber chicken YTO39By.pngPenguin mask 3gFvyKn.pngRoyal sceptre tY9fBiM.pngRoyal crown YbzVifa.pngx500 Runite ore B9ziVmo.pngx350 Runite bar FKyJ9M8.pngPirate hat & Patch Pm1pdfV.pngKatana IEjTUv9.pngMusketeer hat q0IcmGV.pngScythe P1gM6SU.pngSled 8cT8AH0.pngx500 Dragon bones DXZhq6r.pngTop hat P8OXx1e.pngRune cane jMHavvD.pngGilded boots 9V3cRlK.pngGranite clamp NgnD4Ko.pngMagic shortbow scroll NgnD4Ko.pngRing of wealth scroll i8s6zw6.pngSteam staff upgrade kit alrsjZw.pngx200 Blood money BKXWyI8.pngx75 Vote tickets Kk783gW.pngSagacious spectacles


Rare Table
RR173eD.pngRed Partyhat t6y0Deq.pngYellow Partyhat v94JYCl.pngBlue Partyhat yzfwpmG.pngGreen Partyhat VO16XK9.pngPurple Partyhat IxFBu8z.pngWhite Partyhat 5C5XTgu.pngSanta hat k3PyUzb.pngBunny ears 5ef3Yf5.pngGreen h'ween mask YoJOkbY.pngBlue h'ween mask S0273IL.pngRed h'ween mask tICYLcb.png3rd age Coif 33fHO6D.png3rd age Top ivQlqcj.png3rd age Legs TnFuoeE.png3rd age vambraces pHYfAnQ.png3rd age hat hbKRRNo.png3rd age top QeRTX45.png3rd age bottom Rgx3bFd.png3rd age amulet TMNgO8J.png3rd age helmet uWWLVII.png3rd age platebody tuPc8Zw.png3rd age platelegs F5VpvqH.png3rd age kiteshield KqKYhRY.png3rd age cloak eFVCkfF.png3rd age bow XdZwBBz.png3rd age longsword 3i2t4xR.png3rd age wand Sg4gu0x.pngLeprechaun hat i8s6zw6.pngWard upgrade kit CjmYtv2.pngDragon pickaxe kit kp8lYX2.pngContributor scroll g25p6PU.pngDragon cane TsoNtk3.pngx400 Blood money BKXWyI8.pngx100 Vote tickets
All spirit shields and ancestral gear too
Very rare Table

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