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Welcome to OS-War Runescape Private Server

OS-War is a very fun, innovative runescape private server for not only you, but also your friends to enjoy. If you wish to play this rsps, then you may simply click the download button under. If you wish to stay up to date with the latest client, you may download the launcher.
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  • Welcome to OS-War, I hope you enjoy your stay!
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Kick-off guide for new players

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Welcome to OS-War,


In case you just joined our beautiful server, I hope this post will guide you in the right direction to make your journey a bit easier. This guide does not cover detailed explanation about skills or efficiency methods to reach 99's in the fastest way possible.


With that being said, I will provide you with the most important knowledge about the server and explain the perks within as much as I can. At last I'd like to point out that I'm not a staff member whatsoever. Screenshot have been made during the early acces Alpha phase when everyone was an Admin upon registration.


[Creation of a new account]



Once you join the server you will find yourself in Edgeville. You'll be able to choose between different game modes, including DMM (PvP Mode). Fact: "DMM players have an increase in rare drops during PvM. However, they can only trade and buy items with other DMM players." Bank keys are obtained after a kill and can be used at the Deadman's loot chest at home as shown above.





You might prefer to play with the regular size client, but in addition we also provide resizeable mode and fullscreen as well. All graphic, audio and hotkey settings can be managed within here.


[Transportation & Shops]



Possibly one of the most important features to know. Impossible to miss at Edgeville you'll see this lady floathing around. She can sell you gear, supplies, teleport you around the server and imbue your rings as shown above.




What if I'm not at Edgeville but on a slayer task? No worries! Simply click the globe under your world map and your teleport interface will open.




You can also use the hotkeys: CTRL+T to open the teleport interface. Plenty of options to get around!


[Quest tab & Server / Character statistics]



At your quest tab you'll find server & character statistics. The sub-tabs, shown on the image above, marked with red arrows are as followed:




Blue contains the area achievement diary's. These have to be completed in order to wear the cape.




Red will open the drop table interface. Here you can fill in any NPC and additional information will be displayed as shown above.




Purple will open the players title interface. Various titles can be bought and unlocked here.




At last green, which will open up the server achievements. Completing these will grant you achievement points. These can be exchanged in the achievement shop for various rewards.


[Currency within the server]


1. Coins

2. Blood Money

3. Platinum tokens

4. Vote tickets

5. Pk point tickets

6. Bank keys

7. Crystal keys




Coins are self explaining, but the only currency available to activate the Well Of Goodwill.




The Well Of Goodwill is located in the center of Edgeville and can provide various bonuses at the same time, but also for a limited amount of time.


55ee6aacf4c642050f85c7b097cce684.png 1d25b0f2dda89bcba996d412bbe1d476.png


Blood money can be obtained in two ways. You can kill players for it or use the Event Teleporter, located in Edgeville. Fact: "Mining blood ore will always teleport you to the wilderness. The rock spawns in different locations after x amount of blood ore is mined by players."


17dc9f5830bcbc4da1e4c0966a3003d1.png 103ab09b9577188325809ab298570dea.png



Blood money can be exchanged in the shop of the Doomsayer for great items.




In addition the Doomsayer can teleport you to the "Fun PK" area. He will grant you the option to use his Safe Deposit Box services. No items are allowed to be worn when teleported.




Inside you can withdraw blood money from your deposit box and buy better gear within the fun pk area. However, you can also fight with the free supplies and quick-sets. When leaving, acquired blood money can be stored back in the deposit box and all items will be destroyed.




Platinum tokens are rewared upon any activity troughout the server. They will just appear in your inventory. These can be used to redeem XP lamps from Tax. In addition any player can pay 400 tokens to play the shuffle minigame.




Another great way to gather supplies or gear.


e1adbf2b479471b1406fcc9096f4b657.png a02fdfc284ba936b1c320694c6b620eb.png


In case you have some PK point or Vote tickets in your inventory head out to the red button within the bank of Edgeville. These will be converted to PK points or Vote points, which can be used to buy items from the Guildmaster or Sin Deer.




In case you want to sell your PK points feel free to buy back some PK point tickets since they're tradeable.




Vice versa for vote points. Want to sell some? Buy some vote tickets in the shop.


0df1a7b9ae52fb9416405676222ca976.png eaa753acc3b3779a72e920bd73b34aad.png


As for the crystal keys and bank keys, these can be exchanged at the chests shown above.


[NPC Locations]







Player owned shops can be managed by talking to this guy in the Edgeville bank.




On the left your can select a players name and on the right you'll see what he/she has in stock.




Watson, located near the well of goodwill can give you a master clue scroll. Simply bring him an easy, medium, hard and elite to convert it.


[skilling area]



With your teleportation manager you can teleport to the skilling area. You'll find plenty of stuff to do within the Falador park and all supply shops & banks are nearby.


[Donator zone]



Donators can type ::dz to be teleported to a unique area where you'll find plenty of features.




Unique additional teleports.




A private slayer dungeon!




Adamant, Rune and Gem ore mining!



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