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  1. Well first of all, raids still gets bugged and spawns x2 bosses, P.S you lose pets in raids, lost my zulra pet becouse of that, I want it back lol! (I know how to fix that 2x boss thingy in game, but maybe we can fix it in those notepads lel?) You need to lure skeletal mystics all the ways until you can kill it, becouse if it gives you drop, you cant take it, and yeah telegrab is disabled so, you wont be able to do that also, so if you will get the drop.. All you could do is just cry looking at it lol. Those scavaneger guys, they drop some shit witch I think cant even be used, add to their drop list something usefull out of resource table! And again problem with muttadile, I killed em all, nice yeah lol.. You can now kill the big one also, but you can't leave room, becouse It says You can not leave until Muttadile has been defeated. 2nd time it was same as It was before updates, I couldn't attack him. About raid items, Kodai wand is broken, it should have better hits then tstod, becouse ancestral and kodai raises your barrage max hit. With full ancestral and kodai wand I hit 30, and with full ancestral and tsotd I hit 37.
  2. Votes that doesn't work

    First one RSPS server link works, but when you vote for it, you dont get any auth. 7th RSPS-List same as first one. And last 2 also dont work Arenatop100 and Moparscape. All of em counts your votes at their page, but our system just doesnt give auth codes for these 4 pages.
  3. Mystery Box Rewards

    finnaly ill know what i can get from those boxes...
  4. Coin conversation to bm

    +1, just count rate of bm by the items at street price by gp. Like if tent whip cost 20m at streets and 400 BM at shop. So I would agree to Pim that 1m= 20bm. Would not go lower then 1m=10bm.
  5. Hello, Im making this one for you Pim, couse sometimes I forget to tell you things i find. So lets start! P.S I will refill this list with things and thoughts of mine. 1. Row buying for Ultimate ironmans should be enabled 2. Ultimate ironmans can't get loot from Harold evans, couse when you choose claim reward, It says that its going to your bank, and ups.. there is no bank for Ults Found out, that you need to click on bank, and you will get your loot 3. Prayers aren't working as they should against NPC, I guess many people can confirm this one. Really important one Pim! 4. Another suggestion is to make Herblore secondaries buyable as noted's from shop, thanks! lol ) 5. Normal ironmans can't sell items to BM shop, so if they can buy items from it, they should be able to sell em also. 6.Saw someone asked for you Pim to make Row craftable, I would vote for this one also! 7.Make trident sellable to general shop, couse you can't drop it and sell. (You can alch it for 2.1m) go boyzz! 8.Add auto-casting on Toxic staff of the dead...Please Pim... ))))) Wise told that it's not possible. 9. Ultimate Ironmans can't access BM shop, why?? 10. Last NPC on Harold Evans list doesn't work, like aby demons are last now, becouse I claimed reward, and now they dont work Really important one Pim! you already said that will fix it just by changing 50 to 100, please do it... 11. Add anti-venom and anti-fire potions to potion or atleast to BM shop. Like they are usefull, but hard to make/get so it just can be another good think to eco, couse we will spend more gp, as they are usefull 12. Same as skotizo has loc. at quest tab, mutant tarn should also. Couse if you miss that spawn message, you dont know if its spawned and where the hell he is.