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  1. Bosses

    The hell, no? really fam? This is how it's supposed to work, so yes, I support this.
  2. G0O0OLDCHAINS Recruiting

    You don't have to reply on everything you're against at. Let people just enjoy their time on the server and create clans if they wish to do so. Just let it roll.
  3. A few things to do list

    I like how you mentioned ''Hidden methods'' hmmmm Anyway I do agree on the fact there is no real source of money in-come to the server and I do like your idea of ''Money gained per resource''. But if that'll happen, ever, it needs some proper coding first before releasing it as we've encountered multiple glitches/bugs/dupes with several other updates. I do like the idea and would like to see other players opinions about it.
  4. Loot from 500 Crystal Keys

    No further explanation needed.
  5. All of the loot after opening the keys. All of the cash I ended up with after selling most of the things off. You can clearly see that this chest needs a buff in every way possible. Most of the loot you get from it goes straight to the general store.
  6. A Ban of all DMM kids!

    Yes please, remove this retarded game mode.
  7. Bm Store

    I can agree with this.
  8. Bm Store

    The whole reason for the ''Sellback'' option was to get the economy flowing a bit. With this feature we hope that people will bring rarer and more expensive items in to the wilderness for instance instead of keeping it in the bank or just to PvM with. Aswell as get the dicing community going with certain items instead of just cash and Party Hats. A lot of players requested the sellback feature so I highly doubt this will get removed anytime soon.
  9. Maxed out the Skiller

    Sorry matey, Goodluck though
  10. Glove's Inferno Cape Services

    If that is the case then I'll let Pim solve the problems that may or may not occur. I'm not getting my hands dirty with this service.
  11. 2k Abyssal Demon Kills!

    Nice! Though I have to mention that your ''ROAD TO 1ST MAX SKILLER'' is a no go http://salusscape.eu/os-war/forums/index.php?/topic/407-maxed-out-the-skiller/
  12. McGregor vs Mayweather (Betting Pot.)

    Fighter: McGregor Amount of Gp: 25m In-Game username: Arezo
  13. Maxed the account

    What's going on people, As of the date 10-7-17 I maxed out my character. As a competitive player I always like to hunt for number 1 spots. And today was finally the day to achieve this goal. Along the way I got several 'Server first' 99's which is something I'm also hunting for whenever a server is released. I would like to thank all to people that granted me with several skilling supplies to make this happen, I really do appreciate that. Now that I'm maxed it's time for me to play the actual game, and grind with you guys that I already missed out on. I'm looking forward to; Boss, hunt for achievements and what not. I might start up a 'Trimmed completionist' series that I did on the old OS-War client. Anyways, once again I'd like to thank everyone that granted help along this journey. Take care, ~Arezo
  14. Blood money improvements

    The player killing for bloodmoney got fixed I do like the 1/3 sell back idea, that'll bring some more items in the economy to start rolling.