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  1. Greetings!

  2. pic day 7(finale)

    Now go for all pets
  3. A well with perks

    Another well that cost 20m to fill with random perk like pet hunter to double loot from barrows to double points to extremely rare triple slayer points
  4. Who plays osrs

    If you play osrs add me lolicore I'm a skiller atm
  5. Tent Drop (Cave Kraken 3KC)

    No pic no proof jk jk I joke nice m8
  6. please add perks to pets

    -1 from me sorry m8
  7. Do you guys like chess?

    I'll kick your ass in chess you knob
  8. Mystery Box Rewards

    Cool much love I'm I think 3rd age should be removed to make them rare

  10. Art Request.

    Hook me up
  11. Art Request.

    Hook me up
  12. A few suggestions

    was talking about in the future
  13. A few suggestions

    wasn't saying to implement it right away just a suggestion to think about
  14. A few suggestions

    Just a few event suggestions that came to mind we should have skilling events for prizes for the first person to get a skilling pet Let's say the skiing pet was rc and the first person to get it wins a prize that the owner feels is right so the easiest pet is the Beaver and heron hardest rc and thieving so the harder the skill the better the prize also a fun way to get the players together and race for the pet and prizes a few more suggestion that would get players more active add a 1 in 50 chance to get a cosmetic box from skilling and its not but also makes players want to skill more especially those who picked the extreme game mode vice versa pvm aspect should be the same but a random weapon all the way up to abby whip but they must be on slayer task to get the random weapon box feel free to vote it yes or no i just think this would help and with zulrah and and zul-andra totem and with 50k scales and a chisel a random chance to get something from it rare drop table would be nice to see as well And maybe 1 day donor for players who can't donate from voting for 30 vote points
  15. Don't cringe too much

    That laugh thougn