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  1. My name is Brunnhilde and i'm leaving this server after being here for almost 4 months, it is actually a great server with every osrs content, there may be some bugs here and there but there is always a way to work around it. I was originally trying to max on osrs deadman mode server, but stupid Jagex banned my main for no reason after I maxed out half my stats. Then I made a second main and those scums banned me again for no reason halfway. So I came to this server after checking out the other rsps, and this was the one that was the best even though it did not have many players. At first I was just going to max and leave like most people, however I returned during the prestige update and finished all my achievements and diary as well as maxing out all the prestiges. Here is my goodbye picture These are the top 10 of my accounts all logged in at the same time From left to right: 1. The Maiden - back when this server was primitive and I was poor, I would make over 20 accounts to do daily task which gave around 1m cash to donate for double pest control points and they would all xfer to this account before she donated to the well 2. Azura - my dmm character I used for drop rates and 3x exp, after I got her prestige to 100, every single drop on the drop tables were 1/1, including the elysian sigil! 3. Lucina - the pure range sniper i kept logged out at resource area to kill people skilling 4. Eladwen - leading the attack when i triple log into her, Elfuria and Elfobia 5. Brunhilde - sometimes I use her instead of my main to quadriple logging to pk or pvm because she is a regular account 6. Brunnhilde - my one and only main! P.S. I really wanted that Pharoahs sceptre to match my outfit! 7+8. Elfuria and Elfobia - 2 more rangers to stack the damage as I am a professional multi logger 9. Corrin - originally my dmm main to max for prestige and coins for well until it got nerfed 10. Nowi - the referall I keep xlogged at zombies in wilderness for the extra drop bonus and xp So there you have it, these are all my accounts each with their own purpose. Also there has been several bugs which I used to my benefit, the big ones and the good ones I kept to myself of course until now. 1. The dragon spear stuns any pker for a very long time giving you more than enough time to escape 2. Cheat engine which i used to noclip into donator zone which I found completely useless, and to explore other places. Btw, there is no fossil island! I ran through water to get there and its nothing but a black area. 3. The rune javelin when equipped gives a +38 range bonus 4. The infernal max cape gives a +20 magic bonus 5. Oooh, this is the best and my favorite, I've never had to use this one to escape any real danger, however I did many test runs and it works just fine. The Key Master Teleport which teleports you to Cerberus's lair can activate anywhere, including the wilderness, whether it is lvl 30 or lvl 50, and still teleport you to Cerberus. I've used it while teleblocked deep in wild, or to go back home to save the time running, and it was the best insurance to have incase I ever need to escape. The best times I had on this server was when I was at chaos elemental with tribrid gear and had to tank 5 maxed mains all the way to lever. I risked everything and skulled and might not have made it but when I ran to scorpias cave and went in, they all followed me in because they were greedy and wants the highest dps, it is where i left the cave immediately and made my escape. The funny thing is none of them managed to get my maxed gear because of that. I won't be coming back because I have to start filming in November. Thanks for the great time here, Brunnhilde out <3
  2. pic day 7(finale)

    diary+achievements completed
  3. pic day 5

    managed to pick up my ancestral robe top after running through a maze whilst getting raped by 20 guys that can hit 40s, had to use 3 decoy alts with 99 hp that were instantly slaughtered but bought me some time.
  4. Bosses

  5. Can pets have bonuses when you have them out, for instance, bonus drop, extra stat boost, extra exp boost on certain skill so they actually have a use? These are my suggestions: Bloodhound: 3 master caskets instead of 1 when opening master clue Skilling pets: extra 20% or 50% exp ? should stack with weekend bonus xp or other bonus Chinchompa: extra hunting xp hunting reg chin Red chinchompa:extra hunting xp hunting red chins Black chinchompa: extra hunting xp hunting black chins Golden chinchompa: extra hunting xp hunting Beaver:extra wc xp Heron:extra fishing xp Squirrel -agility rift guardian-rc golems-mining xp based on their color and the rock ur mining Rocky-theiving Tanglefoot-farming Phoenix-firemaking Cat- 5% bonus drop Hellcat- 20% bonus drop Penance queen- 5x pest control points abyssal orphan - all your hits deal poison mole - double spec bar recharge callisto - 5% melee damage reduction hellpuppy - infinite prayer points jal nib - +8 str bonus kalphite princess - extra herblore xp omlet - double raid points chaos ele - free teleports in all spellbooks dagnoth rex 5% melee damage supreme 5% mage damage prime 5% range damage dark core 25% damage reduction graardor - +10 atk and str and all melee def bonus zilyana - +10 magic atk and magic def bonus kreearra - +10 range atk and all range def bonus kril - +10 prayer bonus kraken - extra cooking xp smoke devil - extra slay xp pet snakling - venom immunity prince blk dragon - dragonfire immunity scorpia - double heal when eating or drinking sara brews skotizo - double casket from clues jad - all your hits are converted to cannonball-like hits so it can hit thru corp , kq prayer, dag kings, venenatis 5% mage damage reduction vetion - 5% range damage reduction
  6. please add perks to pets

    i edited my post , let me know your opninions
  7. Theres an elite lumbridge diary that says Perform the achievement cape emote in Draynor But you cant get the achievement cape on ironman
  8. please revert npc key update, it is broken in every way. First of all i got a heavy frame drop, but it never appeared on the ground. Instead it went in the "possible drop" in the demonic gorilla key, where I have to kill 196 demonic gorillas for a 1/20 chance of getting it. Second, the key is broken. I've completed a key for another npc, but when I claimed reward, it said key is deleted. So just wasted killing 200 npc for nothing.
  9. Lumbridge Diary undoable

    or if its the green achievements , then ironman cant sell player owned shop
  10. os war with soul wars would be an amazing feature