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  1. xd

    Haha not bad
  2. rank request!

    Thanks for supporting the server!!!, Rank has been given.
  3. McGregor vs Mayweather (Betting Pot.)

    Fighter: McGregor Amount of Gp: 25m In-Game username: Utorrent
  4. What do i do

    http://salusscape.eu/os-war/forums/index.php?/topic/429-client-difficulties/ Try to follow this guide, contact if you got any problems .
  5. Client Difficulties?

    If you're having any type of difficulties with the Client, all can be fixed here. 1) Make sure your Java is up-to-date, it can be updated here; https://www.java.com/en/download/ 2) If you're getting 'Requesting title screen - error' then you need to do this; Go to your user.home and delete the cache 'oswar' then reload the Client. 3) If you're still getting 'Requesting title screen - error' then you need to download the Cache manually which can be downloaded here; https://dl.dropbox.com/s/ivh1o7toqdddyhq/oswar.zipyou have downloaded the Cache you need to extract it into your user.home and make sure the name of the Cache Folder is still 'oswar'
  6. What do i do

    or update your java to last revision
  7. Chaotics?

    should make a poll about that
  8. Achievement Diary Rewards

    thanks for this, very helpful, pinned!!!
  9. Huge bug and suggestion list

    green dragons isn't a bug, but i never knew dragons drop 2x dbones
  10. Huge bug and suggestion list

    yh i just copied my file, to lazy to make this proper, sand crabs is just something else then always the same monsters you killing, its shit that green dragons drops 2x dbones, y'all just want it for faster prayer exp.
  11. - Add marks of agility in inv its glitche at ground - green dragons dropping 2x dragon bones - add wilderness slayer, slay master krystilia and slaying in wildy double slay points ? - anim dust evil fucked? - anti venom broken - you can't cook raw karambwanji - mantas gives only 100exp more then shark and turtle, shark and turtle are the same exp - fire doesn't dissapear in ashes. - teleport to the rune ess mine doesn't unlock the achievement dairy, and there are 2 auburys at varrock. - resource area needs 2rune golems not 1 - remove decant to skilling - last climb at varrock rooftop is fucked - add ranks icons in cc - add to oziach that he can make for 15m dfs - add skin colors donator + atm you have to do halloween and christmas event - add rate of 1/30 to obtain barrows item out of cchest atm its worthless new list - add sand crabs to training and slayer task? - add refresh button for quest tab - questab icon red quest star ( get that osv look away) - incr agility exp atseers rooftop - let all ladders and doors work - remove sire from slayer task en add 85slay req - add minimap slayer icon at slayer masters - fix icon of ultimate and hardcore - Ardougne max cape hood is tradable. - Hunter capes and hood is tradable. - prestige levels? like salusscape - different bloodmoney store for irons en dmm for deadmanmode to make it better : Taverly Dungeon Spiked Blade Jump requires 80 agility. Taverly Dungeon Pipe Squeeze requires 70 agility. Varrock Agility Shortcut requires 21 agility. !!!!client changes that does the osv look away - https://gyazo.com/427115cc1146ab974daf6aa838f7e5ebchange it to report abuse - add new teleport interface. (old salus one? - osrs exp counter https://gyazo.com/a7d764d84ab6f32b79dddcf5924b8c05, atm we got this one https://gyazo.com/64e7894a47369bc6341605d1ac2e81b9
  12. Road 2 Max, Episode 1, You are al cunts

    nice vid , fixed the link looks better now , goodluck with your journey
  13. Video event

    Hello people of OS-War, Im here to announce you a video event, you can vid whatever you want (pvp, pvm, skilling, dmm, bossing, server tour, etc..) the requirements are that the vid must be longer then 3mins, you have to upload it to youtube and you must send us the youtube link with the vid so we can upload it to the OS-War youtube channel. PRIZES : For every vid you send in you will receive 1 mysterybox. Afther 1month we will decide the top 3 best Vids and they will receive an rare item. Goodluck everyone, The OS-War Staffteam
  14. Don't cringe too much

    Nice vid man, i like it
  15. Maxed out the Skiller

    nice bro, this is sick