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  1. Pim urgent things to fix dmm

    Pim when you planning on fixing the game bruv
  2. 1. Make seasons start on Fridays 19:30-20:00 CEST, which is 18:30/19:00 BST, 13:30-14:00 ET. Sundays is a horrible day to reset and Fridays give everyone the weekend to play. Agree with 7 day seasons. 2. REMOVE DONATIONS FOR DMM, only thing you should be able to buy is contributer. 3. Add so you can't be hit by anyone else while you are in combat/hitting someone. 4. Add a 5 second logout timer, Add a 5 second teleport timer while in combat with players BUT NOT WITH MONSTERS 5. Remove PKP and BM stores for Dmm makes it to easy to get op shit, kills pvm
  3. Elite Clues Not working?>

    You can't wear elite clues is osrs either? Hehe xD, NO to chaotics
  4. Chaotics?

    No this is osrs based keep it that way
  5. What do i do

    Delete system32 folder, download more RAM and then finally end ur self
  6. Rank request

    Was the the one in a wheelchair irl?
  7. Don't cringe too much

    You should make a road to Isis haha
  8. Maxed the account

    You should probably work on getting a life next!!!!
  9. Boss Drops Price Guide - Work In Progress

    There's hardly any of each item in game, the owner can pretty much make their own price
  10. Should Panther get a statue at home?

    Yes next to the statue of tommy Robinson Adolf hitler and Joesph Stalin
  11. Art Request.

    Did you get mine sorted my niggor
  12. Rules within the ''Help'' cc

    Is Isis a football team?
  13. Hi I like your signature very much
  14. Arma is also my bitch

    Lol says the sponsor