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  1. Wagwan

    Rock Lobsters at the dag cave is better
  2. Bosses

    Hella bored of using the same weapon aka tbow for everything
  3. Bosses

    Can we make it so using other attack styles like mage and melee against certain bosses is equally effective if not stronger. For example Kraken is meant to be killed with a trident but tbow is clearly the go to option, would be nice to be able to use different styles on other bosses making range less overpowered. Maybe Change muttadiles to required mage like mystics require range and tekton melee. Give the trident a bit of usage.
  4. They drop the imbued heart and slayer gem, along with dark totems for skotizo.
  5. Os - War Official Price Guide

    Prices now updated!
  6. please add perks to pets

    This is okay but your perks are so over powered and not thought through at all.
  7. Os - War Official Price Guide

    With the new prestige addition to the game, the prices of items listed in this guide are very inaccurate and will need a few days as tweech said to rework the guide. Anyone thats willing to help let me know! Thanks Wise
  8. Os - War Official Price Guide

    Anything ive missed lemme know pls xoxox
  9. Os - War Official Price Guide

    Barrows Dharoks Helm - 6.5M Dharoks Platebody - 6.5M Dharoks Platelegs - 6.5M Dharoks Axe -6. 5M Set: 26M Torags Helm -1m Torags Platebody - 4M Torags Platelegs - 4m Torags Hammers - 1m Set: 10M Karils Coif - 1M Karils Leathertop - 8M Karils Leatherskirt - 10M Karils Crossbow - 5M Set: 24M Guthans Helm - 5M Guthans Platebody - 5m Guthans Chainskirt - 5M Guthans Warspear - 5M Set: 20M Ahrims Hood - 1M Ahrims Robe Top - 10M Ahrims Robe Skirt - 10M Ahrims Staff -1M Set: 22M Veracs Helm - 5M Veracs Brassard - 5M Veracs Plateskirt - 5M Veracs Flail - 5M Set: 20M Infinity Infinity Boots - 5M Dark Infinity Hat - 10M Dark Infinity Top - 10M Dark Infinity Bottoms - 10M Light Infinity Hat - 10M Light Infinity Top - 10M Light Infinity Bottoms - 10M Rings Berserker Ring - 10-15M Berserker Ring (i) - 20-25M Warrior Ring - 2M Warrior Ring (i) - 10M Seers' Ring - 10M Seers' Ring (i) - 20M Archer Ring - 15M Archer Ring (i) - 25M Ring of the Gods - 15M Treasonous Ring - 10M Tyrannical Ring - 10M Godwars Armadyl Godsword - 105M Bandos Godsword - 10M Saradomin Godsword - 55M Zamorak Godsword - 15M Bandos Chestplate - 35M Bandos Tassets - 40M Armadyl Helmet - 10M Armadyl Chestplate - 30M Armadyl Chainskirt - 30M Saradomin Sword - 5M Blessed Saradomin Sword - 25M Zamorak Spear - 10M Zamorak Hasta - 20M Armadyl Crossbow - 120M Slayer Essentials Abyssal whip 8m Dragon boots - 2M Black mask 1M Dark Bow - 5M Robin Hood Hat - 15M Ranger Boots - 15-20M Amulet of Fury - 10M Occult Necklace - 10M Wilderness Loots Master Wand - 10m Mage's Book - 10M Barrelchest Anchor - 5M Dragonfire Shield - 8M Kraken tentacle - 15M Trident of the Seas - 50M Trident of the Swamp - 75M Staff of the Dead - 30M Toxic staff of the Dead - 60M Odium Ward - 30M Malediction Ward - 30M Mystic Smoke Staff - 5M Spirit Shields Elysian sigil - 275M Arcane sigil - 250M Spectral sigil - 100M Holy elixir - 10M Blessed spirit shield - 15M Spirit Shield - 5M Elysian spirit shield - 290M Arcane spirit shield - 265M Spectral spirit shield - 115M Zulrah Loot Serpentine helmet - 70M Toxic blowpipe - 165M Magic fang - 30M Zulrah Scales - 1K ea Commonly Trade Potions Super combat potions - 30-35K Rares Rubber Chicken - 10M Scythe - 10M Sled - 35M Mystery Box - 20M Ring of Wealth - 5M Santa Hat - 100M Flippers - 10M Fancy Boots - M Ale of the gods - 1M Blue H'ween Mask - 50M Red H'ween Mask - 50M Green H'ween Mask - 50M Yellow Partyhat - 100M Green Partyhat - 100M Purple Partyhat - 100M Red Partyhat - 100M White Partyhat - 100M Blue Partyhat - 100M Partyhat & Specs - 120M Donations $10.00 Donation - 100M Note: Scrolls are of lesser value due to the fact that they do not stack onto your total donated amount. Higher priced scrolls do not generally follow the Gp/$ rate due to the rarity of someone donating higher than $50.00 at a time. Contributor Scroll - 50M Sponsor Scroll - 100M Gambler scroll - N/A Supporter Scroll - N/A V.I.P. Status - N/A Misc Blood money - 60k ea Emblems - 100k ea Row (I) scroll - 5M Fury (OR) kit - 10M Vote tickets - 200k ea Tools Dragon Axe - 15M Dragon Pickaxe - 30M Ore and Bars Ore and bars are generally same price Mithril Ore - 10k Mithril Bar - 10k Adamantite Ore - 10k Adamant Bar - 10k Runite Ore - 10k Rune Bar - 10k Logs Magic Logs - 10k Bones Dragon bones - 10k ea Dagannoth Bones - 30k Fish Raw Shark - 2-3k Cooked Shark- 3-4k Karambwans - 5K Raw Dark Crabs - 4-5k Cooked Dark Crab - 6-7k Raw Anglerfish - 3-4k Anglerfish - 5-6k Ornament Kits Occult necklace orn kit - 15M Torture orn kit - 25M Dragon full helm orn kit - 10M Dragon chainbody orn kit - 10M Dragon sq shield orn kit - 10M Dragon scimitar orn kit - 15M Armadyl godsword orn kit - 5M Bandos godsword orn kit - 5M Saradomin godsword orn kit - 5M Zamorak godsword orn kit - 5M 3rd Age 3rd Age Melee Helm - 60M 3rd Age Platebody - 60M 3rd Age Platelegs - 60M 3rd Age Kiteshield - 80M 3rd Age Ranger's Coif - 30M 3rd Age Ranger's Top - 50M 3rd Age Rangers Chaps - 50M 3rd Age Vabmraces - 10M 3rd Age Mage Hat - 70M 3rd Age Mage Robe Top - 70M 3rd Age Mage Robe Bottoms - 70M 3rd Age Amulet - 35M 3rd Age Longsword - 50M 3rd Age bow - 65M 3rd Age Wand - 65M 3rd Age Cloak - 60M 3rd Age Axe - 90M 3rd Age Pickaxe - 75M Cerberus Boots Primordial Crystal - 60M Pegasian Crystal - 60M Eternal Crystal - 60M Smoldering Stone - 30M Abyssal Sire Drops Abyssal Dagger - 30M Abyssal Bludgeon - 100M Gorilla drops Zenyte shard - 60M Light ballista - 40M Heavy ballista - 60M Amulet of torture - 70M Necklace of anguish - 70M Tormented bracelet - 70M Ring of suffering - 70M Others Dragon Warhammer - 100M Raids Dinh's bulwark - 70M Elder maul - 130M Augury prayer scroll - 50M Rigour prayer scroll - 50M Ancestral hat - 50M Ancestral robe top - 100M Ancestral robe bottom - 100M Kodai Wand - 100M Twisted Bow - 250M Dragon Claws - 250M Twisted Buckler - 70M Dragon Hunter Crossbow - 80M Clue Scrolls Easy clue - 1M Medium clue - 2-3M Hard clue - 5M Credits to those that helped!
  10. A few things to do list

    Some of these seem pointless, i mean it doesnt harm to add them in but other bugs and stuff need doing/adding. For example, if u cant sell the trident to the general store but can alch it, doesnt really seem like a pressing matter as they server the same purpose. Mutant tarn spawns in the same 4 locations skotizo can so its not hard to find but i agree with what u said. The harold thing is also bugged for me so +1 on that. Auto casting for Toxic isnt meant to be possible so -1. Row shouldnt be craft able for what it offers.+1 For herb secondaries. Introduce different money making methods for skilling. Currently all we have is thieving and some hidden methods for other skills but there should be a reliable source of income from skilling. As for a suggestion im not too sure but possibly something along the lines of money gained per resource collected. So 500 coins per normal log - 3k per magic log. Not sure how it should be done but open to suggestions.
  11. Loot from 500 Crystal Keys

    CY@ Panther
  12. Coin conversation to bm

    Dont support simply because of the fact how easy it is to obtain money. Some people have upwards of 200m so
  13. Bm Store

    Very true and its worded wrong tbh but i think alot of the pricing for the items specificly needs changing because if we are using it to bring items into the economy then some price's are going to bring more items in than others and for bandos and arma, having more of them then say zenyte jewelry is silly.
  14. Bm Store

    With the sellback update, certain items prices within the store is causing the items to become devalued alot. for example an odium ward is the same price as a bandos tasset and if people are trading with bm as the sole drive for the economy then it puts high end gear and super low prices. For example in the eyes of blood money an sgs is worth more than bandos and arma which is stupid. Either prices need to change constantly or the sell back feature needs removing. Regardless of the outcome certain items needs a price change anyway.
  15. Elite Diaries Change!

    Thankyou for clearing that up. Clearly the guides and suggestion parts of the forum is the same thing now!