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  1. making vid for contest or w/e need clips if u wanna brid/tribrid pm/ this is just intro so not finished yet just quick previewxxxx :^)
  2. Maxed the account

    GRATZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Blood money improvements

    Bloodmoney is aids to get atm and can only get like 150 an hour max so like 15 hrs to get ags or some bs should be better ways to get it imo. - wilderness bosses drop it - when u kill players they should drop their money. atm you dont get their bloodmoney it goes to their bank or -something - be able to sell items back to the shop for like 2/3 their original price
  4. Don't cringe too much

    hi, i like the video. the best part was when you spoke
  5. Maxed out the Skiller

    You're welcome for all the motivation
  6. Hello

    hi video gamer :^)
  7. Should Panther get a statue at home?

  8. More Suggestions

    i disagree with every single one
  9. Art Request.

    Fucking love it thanks babe xo
  10. Art Request.

    can i have 1 with naked isis men on plz lol xo
  11. Full In detail guide on donor ranks best info

    Really love this guide that one of my greatest friends of all time Sypko made
  12. Rules within the ''Help'' cc

    niggas about to get 99 fishing from baiting this freak l0l
  13. Zulrah Kings - Zulrah Gudie

    good job wiseoldman should make a guide how to main pharah owait easiest hero l0l0l0
  14. Hello OSWar

    you cant even clean your own arse you autistic fuck. ur not changing shit me and my niggas staying how we are gtfo.
  15. Rules within the ''Help'' cc

    nigga thinks hes working for microsoft l0l0l0l0l0l u obviously got cyber bullied stfu..