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  1. A Ban of all DMM kids!

    salus great game booming community then we added dmm and boom players quit community became super toxic and it didnt help that dmm was broke as fuck.
  2. Art Request.

    Still waiting.
  3. throwback to the 1960s

    What kind of fucking kd is that..... Might have to pull out some bs pics I have.
  4. Hello

    As most of you know me, some of you don't, and a lot of you love to pretend I'm completely nonexistant. Here's some Information about the green dinosaur who loves to be an asshole to everyone. Name: Josh Occupation: Not shit atm Side occupation: Programming and Database Design Education: Associates degree in Network System Administration Hobbies: Reading, Music, and NoLifing Video Games Extra Information: Not shit quit reading this and back to whatever the fuck you were doing.
  5. Rank request

    *avatar Picture* fuck you say about mah boi.
  6. HYPE

    Earth I only 200m slayer with lamps after Halloween quit cause everyone else a bitch and wouldn't let me leech Also after the fact, life is a bitch I'm not getting shit.
  7. More Suggestions

    Nice, and tbh forum events are a tad bit hard as most events would still relate to in game activities, outside of that I like dem.
  8. Art Request.

    When your gfx artist says free Sig and you just respond with "Fuck My Shit Up Homie"
  9. Should Panther get a statue at home?

    I'll take one of a garbage bag and when examined it'll say Here LIES Yoshi, the salusscape trash bag of items you want.
  10. Rules within the ''Help'' cc

    #yourfeedingthetrolls i completely agree with you on needing to be able to control the chaos, if this was any other server. to be honest i tried working on the community and instead got rear-ended by the secondary co owner back on salus, so carry on as you are but just know it wont stop.
  11. Hello OSWar

    welcome to the family, just saying trying to change anything wont help, might aswell just tag along for the ride.
  12. Yoshi Veteran Rank Request

    In-Game Name: Yoshi Rank Needed: Veteran Proof Of Rank: Didn't take any pictures of the stupid gold glowing phoenix above my head cause i figured me being here for 3 if not 4 years would be enough.
  13. Veteran Rank Request.

    #why you pk so much fam
  14. Thats only cause earth was bad skiller
  15. HYPE

    I'll be taking as many spots on the skilling highscores since I don't have to worry about my old friend from saluss:3