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  1. rank request!

    In-game Name: Slash Rank Needed: Sponsor Proof of Rank: https://gyazo.com/d7b70f1c9e975a75b91a5013cefef555
  2. r Suggestions

    1. Ironman PKP Shop. Either the existing one or create a new one exclusive for ironmen. 2. Crystal key upgrade; Add skilling supplies to the loot table. 3. DZ Gem rocks should only be Sapphire+, or add a Gem rock monster within the DZ that can drop Gems. 4. When spawning a Dark totem you will get the option to choose location instead of spawning randomly.
  3. Chaotics?

    Add the Monsters from OG salusscape that drops chaotic weapons
  4. Rank request

    n-game Name: Slash Rank Needed: Veteran Status Proof of Rank: No proof but You'll probably remember XD