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  1. Pvp Gods (PG)

    Im down ^.^
  2. Peach gang ~ Recruiting

    Im not part of NWO But i pk with em from time to time
  3. Peach gang ~ Recruiting

  4. Peach gang ~ Recruiting

    So i made a Clan Awhile back and i never got to recruiting, So i would like to say, We are recruiting! The min Requirements are: Pvp account ~ 126 Combat. Post below and I am going to keep an updated record of all the member's. Pm me ingame @Kawaii Kitty, if you need help or have questions. UPDATE!@ Its now #NWO
  5. OS-War - Guides list

    Thanks arezo :3
  6. OS-War - Crafting Guide

    great guide, Hope to see this get Pinned.