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  1. Pvp Gods (PG)

    I will edit the list later on guys.
  2. Pvp Gods (PG)

    i count you in, nice.
  3. Pvp Gods (PG)

    yes, m8 hope you create an account.
  4. Pvp Gods (PG)

    hey guys, so im gonna create a small strong pking group, if you meet the requirements down below feel free to send in a joining reqeust. - Maxed Combat (level 126) - Kdr of atleast 1,5+ - have respect towards other players. - atleast 25 kills. - bsing clan-members in anyway = kick. - willing to take part on pk trips (when online) Members: - White - Limey Legend
  5. Peach gang ~ Recruiting

    Yet hes on your acc
  6. Peach gang ~ Recruiting

    Are you joking?
  7. OS-War - Fishing guide

    Amazing guide, verry helpfull.
  8. OS-War - Guides list

    your guides are awesome bro, great effort towards the community. keep it up!
  9. OS-War - Crafting Guide

    Strong guide bro, well done.
  10. OS-War - Minining Guide

    Cool guide, thank you.
  11. OS-War - Fletching Guide