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    Earthcus reacted to Ajax in Finally got my goal!   
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    Earthcus reacted to Netflix in Finally got my goal!   
    Sick man! Gratz on every skill 98
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    Earthcus reacted to Wiseoldman in Boss Drops Price Guide - Work In Progress   
    Disclaimer: All these prices are compiled from what i have seen over the resent few days and where in my opinion they are heading for the future.
    Armadyl Helmet - 10-15m Armadyl Chestplate - 20m Armadyl Chainskirt - 30m Armadyl Godsword - Estimate 60m? Godsword Shards - 3m ea Saradomin
    Saradomin Sword - 6m Armadyl Crossbow - 45mm Saradomin Godsword - Estimate 15-20m? Bandos
    Bandos Chestplate - 30m Bandos Tasset - 35m Bandos Boots - Estimate 5m? Bandos Godsword - Estimate 10-15m? Zamorak
    Staff of the Dead - 10m Zamorakian Spear - N/A - Estimate 20m? Zamorak Godsword - N/A - Estimate 5m? Wilderness Bosses
    Dragon Pickaxe - 30m Dragon 2'h - 500k Ring Of The Gods - Estimate 10m? PKP Tickets - 50k ea Venenatis
    Dragon Pickaxe - 30m Dragon 2'h - 3m Treasonous Ring - Estimate 10m? Mystic Smoke/Steam Staff - Estimate 4m? Callisto
    Dragon Pickaxe - 30m Dragon 2'h - 3m Tyrannical Ring - Estimate 10m? King Black Dragon
    Dragon Pickaxe - 30m Kbd Head - Untradeable Dragon Arrow/Dart Tips - 5k ea Draconic Visage - 8m Chaos Elemental
    Dragon Pickaxe - 30m Dragon 2'h - 3m Chaos Fanatic
    Malediction Ward - 15m Scorpia
    Dragon Pickaxe - 30m Odium ward - 15m Giant Mole
    Granite Maul - 5m Kraken
    Trident of the Seas - 30-40m Kraken Tentacle - 10m Jar of dirt - N/A Slayer Bosses
    Abyssal Sire
    Abyssal Dagger - 15-20m Abyssal Whip - 6m Abyssal Bludgeon - Estimate 40m? Jar of Miasma - N/A Cerberus
    Pegasian Crystal - 25m Eternal Crystal - 25m Primordial Crystal - 25m Smoldering Stone - 10m Jar Of Souls - N/A Additional Bosses
    Tanzanite Fang - 50m+ Magic Fang - 20m (Toxic Staff of the dead - 30m) (Trident of the Swamp - 55-60m) Serpentine Helm - 35m Dragon Hally - Estimate 10m Onyx - 3m Mutagens (Tanzanite & Magma) - Estimate 10m - Could be a lot higher Zulrah Scales - 1.5k ea Lizardman Shaman
    Dragon Warhammer - Estimate 40m Demonic Gorrila's
    Heavy Ballista - Estimate 30m Zenyte Shard - 15-20m Barrows
    Dharocks - 8m a piece Karils - 8m a piece Ahrims - 8m a piece Torags, Guthans and Veracs - 4m a piece Miscellaneous
    Whips - 8m Party Hats - Ranging from 30-60/70m  
    UPDATED AS OF 17/07/2017
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    Earthcus reacted to Arezo in Glove's Inferno Cape Services   
    If that is the case then I'll let Pim solve the problems that may or may not occur. I'm not getting my hands dirty with this service.
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    Earthcus got a reaction from Arezo in Chaotics?   
    raid items are aka chaotics
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    Earthcus got a reaction from Arezo in Maxed the account   
    gratz pleb
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    Earthcus got a reaction from Arezo in Maxed out the Skiller   
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    Earthcus reacted to Wiseoldman in More Suggestions   
    Slow Down the speed of the twisted bow the damage seems fine but you hit so fast its too often - Increase the price of the bow in the donor store or remove and add it ingame - currently the server is so p2w its not funny.
    Buff trident and mage accuracy.
    Add the toxic effect into fang weaponry and serp helm.
    Remove rares from shuffle.
    Claws currently one hit most of the time so these also need nerfing.
    check the drop rates for arma chestplates seem to be coming out like its water and plateskirts are not being seen anywhere.
    Reduce the cost of some vote point items.
    Reduce the amount required to activate the well. No one has 75m to currently throw away for the community.
    Make the mutagens from zulrah work like they did on saluss. Magma gives range bonus, Tanz gives mage.
    Add a forum post displaying all the benefits for each tier of donor.
    Add Bm to the drop table of all wildy npc's like dark crabs you can sometimes get 4-6 bm when fishing. Killing a lava drag should have the same effect, making the wildy more active.
    Regarding raids currently when you leave you loose all your points. My suggestion is that since they are impossible to solo and with how hard they hit and how inaccurate you hit on bosses like tekton. Make it so that as a group killing the raid you each receive 1k points and all have a chance at the drop tables. (Not too sure how it currently works). Also lower the drop rate of Ancestral 1/400 something is insanely high considering you only get a chance at the drop when killing the boss not in a chest that contains all the other items.
    Separate the dmm players from the general help cc as all the toxicity currently comes from there, will help clean things up a little.
    Get some forum competitions going / events. Make the forums a little more active.
    Allow dropping in the wilderness, fucks with briding so much.
    Make blowpipe attack at range not melee.
    Make it so you can walk through the resource gate without having to stand infront of it.
    Wilderness webs only slashable with a knife/sharp weapon.
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    Earthcus reacted to Ajax in King Snake Is Here - WiseoldZulrah   
    take a break noob you're too far ahead of me
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    Earthcus reacted to Wiseoldman in Changes i would like to see   
    - Vote Store Prices need decreasing on certain items. Exmaples being cooking gauntlets costing 100 vote points.
    -Fix The items within the normal stores. Example being weapon supplies and F2P Armour and weapons.
    -Add shops to the Donor Zone. Currently its a very underwhelming place and needs some attention.
    -Add Anti-fire's to the shops.
    -Remove the NPC kill announcement for certain bosses like wildy bosses. It shouldnt be broadcastes that someone is killing a wildy boss. This also applies for low level np'c such as chickens - seems pointless.
    -Make Abyssal Sire Available to do at 85 slayer and have no task requirement.
    -Remove the Lizard mens restriction also.
    -Allow some items to be traded in for cash or other rewards like platinum tokens. Items being jar of dirt and so on.
    -Add ring of wealth into superior slayer drops. Just an idea.
    -Reduce the defence on zulrah or remove the stage in which you need to switch prayers because the animations are not visible and so it can be difficult to pray flick meaning you take a load of damage and its hard to recover.
    -Buff certain weapons like Karil'Bow because magic short is so much better currently.
    -Add a PC point bonus, for example every 10 games you get additional 20 points or something.
    -Add pets and their drop rates to the tables.
    -Reduce Zulrah's Magic Defence, or increase Magic accuracy on the trident/swamp.
    -Add Toxic effect to the trident of the swamp. Currently it does not poison anything.
    -Remove the double spec feature from normal magic bow and keep it for the magic bow (i).
    -Random idea but make it so that when you hit 100 kc on zulrah, retrieving your items on death is free or at a discount price. Possibly milestones. 100 kc = 300k 500kc 200k 700kc= 100k 1000kc = free.
    -Zulrah Bugs: When the snake dives, it becomes immune almost negating any damage done. For example if you see a 19k xp drop you should be hitting 32 but nothing happens because its began to dive - Damage should still be going through. Anti-Venom's Dont work, possibly reduce its accuracy slightly as you cant see the animations and flick its attack style so you get combo'ed out alot. Zulrah seems to keep dcing accounts in which they can't log back in even after being kicked - Look into this maybe?>
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    Earthcus reacted to Arezo in baby chinchompa pet get   
    Gz pleb
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    Earthcus reacted to Netflix in HYPE   
    Ooh yoshi, would be great seeing you play again, myself I will just be working towards max on both a main and iron, no rush or anything.
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    Earthcus got a reaction from Ajax in Kick-off guide for new players   
    nice guide, p2w skilling lol.