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  1. pim unban from shotbox

    Bye pleb
  2. HYPE

    this ^
  3. Kick-off guide for new players

    nice guide, p2w skilling lol.
  4. HYPE

    I did not talk to you, but you're good. rs3 so much daily scape so maybe not a time os-war xd
  5. HYPE

    You can not Defeat without skill lamps.
  6. i had 200m in the all skills, I continued though I was 200m skills.
  7. i told him that he would add a golden particles on maxcape when you get 99s and all the tasks done. 200m doesn't mean anything lol.
  8. Sky's Rank Request

  9. Sky's Rank Request

    yeh same, #1 newbie(non risk) gear pker