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  1. Heloo

    same, https://imgur.com/a/cjYEu
  2. Wagwan

    dwarf cannon area,
  3. Finally got my goal!

  4. pic day 1

    ironman luck , gratz
  5. Dragon Claws

    bounty hunter store
  6. Lumbridge Diary undoable

    you have to complete the all diaries before achievement cape -.-
  7. Bm Store

    This is always a bad thing if you can buy any item makes the regular/ironmode always boring,
  8. Elite Diaries Change!

    teleport would be useful, I do not know if the benefits are visible.
  9. Elite Diaries Change!

    You would have only been posting to it, so did not have to make a new thread.
  10. Elite Diaries Change!

    no, currently they are only cosmetic, but adds these too.
  11. Elite Diaries Change!

    another same suggestion post, transfer these for Netflix's post,
  12. Glove's Inferno Cape Services

    against the rules , /banned
  13. Chaotics?

    raid items are aka chaotics
  14. Achievement Diary Rewards