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  1. Finally got my goal!

  2. Bosses

  3. Loot from 500 Crystal Keys

    Nice effort brother, I'd suggest to add: Fury (1/50) 25 pkp tickets (1/25) 100 platinum tokens (1/25) Skilling boxes (1/15) Higher clue scrolls (1/50) 50 dragon bones noted (1/25) Alchables and food supplies should be increased a bit as well, since this is loot from 500 boxes..
  4. A few suggestions

    Looks like a huge extra imo. Don't mind this being adeded in the future AFTER necessary priorities have been added first for a well balanced gameplay within the server for every game-mode.
  5. Video event

    Nice, too bad I don't have any editing skills lol.
  6. Blood money improvements

    Good suggestions, I agree.
  7. Maxed out the Skiller

    you beast
  8. Boss Drops Price Guide - Work In Progress

    Looks about right, nice work.
  9. Should Panther get a statue at home?

    We don't use the dice area anyway, renovate the whole GE with statues in a circle and a prayer altar in the middle.
  10. More Suggestions

    Agree with everything except for the mutagen part like mentioned above. +1
  11. Rules within the ''Help'' cc

    Sad to hear how things turned out. It might, it might won't, doesn't really matter. Sitting back and watch is easy so why not grab the wheel when you're tagging along the ride anyway.
  12. Hello OSWar

    Broke and without life achievements? Well..whatever makes you happy dawg. Best of luck on your journey to "not changing shit and staying how we are gtfo". We're all here to support ya.
  13. Rules within the ''Help'' cc

    Comes from one who's obsessed with a clan that's as good as dead, on the internet formed of pixels and toxicity and calls it a "gang". Either stay on topic or enlighten us with senseful facts. Till then I can't take any of your words serious. +1 for your effort tho!