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  1. what is happening with the client? Log in and log out all the time with a black screen, restart client dosnt work!, download the catche from the webside dosnt work! I wont leave this amazing server, I saw ppl online and playing Why i cant!!!??? Help

  2. Pim check my message boi.

  3. Bugs

    Hi, Noted your suggestions and I agree, the updates will be on my to-do-list.
  4. Amazing man, I'm glad you enjoyed playing out server! Thanks for the time you've spent on our server! Hope to see you any time back soon!
  5. pic day 7(finale)

  6. pic day 6

    Looking good!
  7. please add perks to pets

    If you think up of some, I'll add them. That's the part that takes the longest amount of time.
  8. Dragon Claws

    Skotizo can drop it?
  9. Fix cannon with slayer

    I'll check it for you.
  10. Common Table x2000 Coal x5000 Bow string x1000 Anglerfish x500 Karambwans x2000 Dark crab Ranger boots x100 Blood money x50 Vote tickets x100 Super potion set Mysterious emblem 7 Ring of wealth Bandos godsword ornament kit Armadyl godsword ornament kit Zamorak godsword ornament kit Saradomin godsword ornament kit Royal gown top Royal gown bottom Uncommon Table Rubber chicken Penguin mask Royal sceptre Royal crown x500 Runite ore x350 Runite bar Pirate hat & Patch Katana Musketeer hat Scythe Sled x500 Dragon bones Top hat Rune cane Gilded boots Granite clamp Magic shortbow scroll Ring of wealth scroll Steam staff upgrade kit x200 Blood money x75 Vote tickets Sagacious spectacles Rare Table Red Partyhat Yellow Partyhat Blue Partyhat Green Partyhat Purple Partyhat White Partyhat Santa hat Bunny ears Green h'ween mask Blue h'ween mask Red h'ween mask 3rd age Coif 3rd age Top 3rd age Legs 3rd age vambraces 3rd age hat 3rd age top 3rd age bottom 3rd age amulet 3rd age helmet 3rd age platebody 3rd age platelegs 3rd age kiteshield 3rd age cloak 3rd age bow 3rd age longsword 3rd age wand Leprechaun hat Ward upgrade kit Dragon pickaxe kit Contributor scroll Dragon cane x400 Blood money x100 Vote tickets All spirit shields and ancestral gear too Very rare Table Bloodhound
  11. Augury Prayer

    What do you mean? You happen to have a screenshot to depict?
  12. Lumbridge Diary undoable

    Why canĀ“t you get the achievement cape as an ironman
  13. Coin conversation to bm

    I was thinking of this, but then 1 million coins to ~ 20 blood money